Help Center

Listed on the left are helpfiles generated directly from the game. They cover all the essentials needed to read-up on the environment of RetroMUD. This is not our complete list of helpfiles, as there are many others available from within the game.

We have an entire section devoted to creating a new character. Visit our Getting Started section.

We have also compiled a list of F.A.Q.'s for a more specific look into certain topics. The topics available are:
  -  Armor
  -  Advancing Levels
  -  Basic MUDding
  -  Fellblade Calculator
  -  MUD Clients
  -  Paladin Shield Calculator
  -  Races
  -  Race/Guild Combinations
  -  Using Skills
  -  Using Spells
  -  Weapons

To view our skill- or spell-specific helpfiles, visit the Skills or Spells sections of the website.

If you have any trouble with the website or game, please contact us at or mudmail 'admin' from within the retroverse.