Undead spell
Casting time: 7 roundsSpell cost: 1000
Spell level: 20Spell category: necromantic
Affecting stats: None
Offensive: YesLocation: Anywhere
Target: livingtarget Range: room
Components: S

Description: This spell allows a controlled undead to cast a spell appropriate to its type. See the individual spell helps for details: Baka: baka curse Callicantzari: callicantzari madness Draugr: draugr fury Dybbuk: dybbuk possession Frankenstein: frankenstein rage Ghast: ghast stench Ghoul: ghoul paralysis Grim Reaper: reaper requiem Mummy: mummy curse Skeleton: skeletal barge Vrykolakas: vrykolakas nightmares Wight: wight drain Zombie: zombie regeneration.
Cast Usage
Invocation Usage