True distant transfer
Base Healing: 900
Animal Healing: 810
Fish Healing: 720
Insect Healing: 630
Plant Healing: 540
Non-Flesh Healing: 450
Undead Healing: 360
Alignment Healing: 0

Casting time: 4 roundsSpell cost: 225
Spell level: 19Spell category: healing
Affecting stats: Wis
Offensive: No Location: Anywhere
Target: livingtarget Range: distant
Components: VS

Description: This is a healing spell it will transfer wounds from the target to you. You can't transfer wounds if you don't have the hit points to do the transfer. Also, you can not transfer wounds if either you or the target are blocked by a magical barrier. The target will recieve two times the regular heal value, due to the fact that it harms the caster.
Cast Usage
Invocation Usage