Summon soul sword
Casting time: 5 roundsSpell cost: 100
EP cost: 0 HP cost: 200
Spell level: 11Spell category: conjuration
Affecting stats: wis
Offensive: No Location: Anywhere
Target: caster Range: room
Components: S
Alignment: Cannot be Evil.

Description: This spell allows the invoker to detach a piece of her own soul and shape the energy into a katana. The resultant soul sword is a strong thin bladed weapon that appears as plain, solid metal, but cuts with a power that is determined by the user's training and fortitude of spirit, as well as external influences that a Confessor may or may not commonly subject herself to. The sword sizes itself automatically for one-handed use. Usage: invoke summon soul sword Or: invoke summon soul sword at dismiss This will cause the user to absorb the sword back into herself.
Cast Usage
Invocation Usage