Casting time: 6 roundsSpell cost: 240
Spell level: 16Spell category: nature
Affecting stats: wis
Offensive: No Location: Anywhere
Target: playertarget Range: distant
Components: VS

Description: This spell sends a player to the reinc room after tallying the spent training costs, adventuring and guild levels, as well as unspent experience. That tallied experience is given to the player and ready to be respent after selecting a new race and prime guild. Be warned, there is a slight fluctuation in the level tax based on the caster's ability. You may only reincarnate once every 12 hours. The target must be a ghost and waiting at Gaia's mound. Also note: a tax-free reinc can be had from a druid with the skill: study akashic records. To get one, you need 50 PE, and need to: 'accept free reinc from [druid with study akashic records]'.
Cast Usage
Invocation Usage