Moriants iceball swarm
Type: Area attack spell
Damage Types: Cold: 100%
Maximum Damage: 475
Additional Effects: No
Casting time: 7 roundsSpell cost: 119
Spell level: 19Spell category: water
Affecting stats: Int
Offensive: YesLocation: Anywhere
Target: notarget Range: room
Components: VS

Description: This spell was created by the Wysoomian mage named Moriant in revenge for the bullies who often pelted him with snowballs when he was young. He lost sight in his left eye due to one of the snowballs being packed with ice. A child prodigy, Moriant's attackers were found battered to death with no evidence but a pool of water around them. It is believed this spell was his tool of venegeance. This spell works on a large group.
Cast Usage
Invocation Usage