Mending galdr
Base Healing: 500
Animal Healing: 500
Fish Healing: 500
Insect Healing: 500
Plant Healing: 500
Non-Flesh Healing: 500
Undead Healing: 500
Alignment Healing: 0

Casting time: 3 roundsSpell cost: 93
Spell level: 10Spell category: runic
Affecting stats: wis
Offensive: No Location: Anywhere
Target: caster Range: close
Components: VSM
Components: perthro (1 charge), othala (1 charge)

Description: One of the oldest incantations among the Jomsviking people, this basic healing charm was once employed in the healing of lame horses, but now it is the sole domain of the warriors, used to close their wounds so that they may continue in glorious battle.
Cast Usage
Invocation Usage