Casting time: 2 roundsSpell cost: 250
Spell level: 20Spell category: conjuration
Affecting stats: gold
Offensive: No Location: Anywhere
Target: needtarget Range: room
Components: VSM

Description: This spell is used to create or modify a castle. Targets: survey : checks whether a castle can be built here foundation for [player]: builds a basic castle (100k gold) room to [direction] : adds an exit to the direction (50k) remove room to [dir] : remove a room with no other exits (10k) quality : improves the overall condition of the castle : Cost is approximately 1k per room per 1%. : The percentage you increase per casting : is based on your overall masonry. appraise : gives the gold cost for a single quality casting paint : lets the owner change desc on a room (1.5k) power room : turns the room into a power room for wands (50k) water [inches] : adds/removes a pool of water to the room (5k) regen [hp/sp/ep] : adds regen to the room (1k*new value squared) : note, ep regen is half the value. : also note, the total regen of a room can not exceed 31 reduce regen [hp/sp/ep]: reduces regen by 1 point (1k gold) settlement : permanently sets the castle to settlement status. : See also: HELP SETTLEMENTS (500k) Money must be in the caster's bank account. If the castle is underwater, all costs are 50% more expensive. Costs will also be affected by market pressures.
Cast Usage
Invocation Usage