Funeral dirge
Type: Area attack spell
Damage Types: Sonic: 100%
Maximum Damage: 275
Additional Effects: Yes
Casting time: 6 roundsSpell cost: 100
Spell level: 13Spell category: necromantic
Affecting stats: int
Offensive: YesLocation: Anywhere
Target: notarget Range: room
Components: VS
Alignment: Cannot be Good.

Description: Everyone has been effected by the loss of life at some point along their journey. The funeral dirge is a mournful recitation of sorrow and regret. It causes pain to all who hear it, and may even cause the spirits of the dead to rise in unrest. The wailing of these souls, having been disturbed from their peaceful resting place, is said to be more sorrowful than most can endure. The risen spirits will direct their wails and laments at any unfriendly with the singer. This spell works on a large group.
Cast Usage
Invocation Usage