Faerie stroke
Type: Attack spell
Damage Types: Physical: 100%
Maximum Damage: 950
Additional Effects: No
Casting time: 5 roundsSpell cost: 238
Spell level: 19Spell category: nature
Affecting stats: wis
Offensive: YesLocation: Anywhere
Target: livingtarget Range: room
Components: VS

Description: With this ritual, the druid calls upon the aos sidhe, the wild spirits, to deliver a debilitating strike on his foe. The faerie stroke is rumored to be a powerful force, often leaving its victims bedridden if not slain outright. The dwellings of the sidhe are many, as are the kinds of spirit and the torments they wreak on mortals. While the druid may be able to influence their will, he has little control over what they decide to do when called.
Cast Usage
Invocation Usage