Death wish
Casting time: 4 roundsSpell cost: 100
Spell level: 17Spell category: necromantic
Affecting stats: None
Offensive: No Location: Anywhere
Target: livingtarget Range: room
Components: VS

Description: This spell instills the recipient with no fear of death and suicidal tendencies that result in foolish, death-defying, risk-taking, fights to the death, and unthinking courage. Unbeatable odds and overpowering opponents will not give the victim the least bit of hesitation. In fact, the victim will go out of its way to take unnecessary risks or challenge others. It does not work on mindless creatures or those immune to mental diseases, but it does instill a temporary attack bonus as well as set the victim's wimpy to 0. Gifted Ones will be afflicted with suicidal mania, while others will immediately attack the caster.
Cast Usage
Invocation Usage