Blood eagle
Type: Attack spell
Damage Types: Asphyxiation: 75%
Harm: 25%
Maximum Damage: 950
Additional Effects: Yes
Casting time: 5 roundsSpell cost: 177
Spell level: 19Spell category: runic
Affecting stats: wis
Offensive: YesLocation: Anywhere
Target: livingtarget Range: room
Components: VSM
Components: uruz (1 charge), isa (1 charge), hagalaz (1 charge), nauthiz (1 charge)

Description: This spell utilizes rune magic in a most destrutive fashion. Just as it can manipulate the very fabric of the universe, runes can be manipulate the basic nature of a living humanoid. The rune calls forth the lungs of its target, and if successful, they explode from the target. This sacrifice is greatly pleasing to Armagg-Odhin, and is the equivalent of a ceremony being performed.
Cast Usage
Invocation Usage